Our Mission

At Cargo Solution Express our mission is to be the number one choice for all your transportation needs. Whether our customers are looking to move a LTL shipment or a full truck load across the country,over the roador by rail, we are here to fulfill those requirements and more. At Cargo Solution Express,we aredelivering your shipmentsalong with the promise of dependability, premium customer service and security. Our main focus is to make our customers the number one priority. We are dedicated to providing all of our customers with a sense of security and peace of mind knowing that their product is in the very best hands, The hands of Cargo Solution Express!

Our Values


  • We know customers have many choices and how we perform will determine if we are their choice.
  • We continuously service and maintain all of our equipment to ensure on time delivery and our commitment to our customers.


  • Quality is a key factor in the growth of any business. At Cargo Solution Express we pride ourselves in delivering just that. We realize that the attention to detail makes a world of difference in our industry.
  • We are committed to genuinely providing excellent service and take pride in having earned the "Carrier of the Year" award, three consecutive years from one of the most influential and major brokers in the USA.


  • Trust is the foundation from which all relationships prosper. We realize that honesty and integrity go hand in hand. We hold all of our employees to strong moral principles and urge them to have open communication with all of our customers.
  • Our mutually beneficial and dignified partnership with customers is the result of years of solid commitment and support from the customers. This enables and obligates us to provide you with the most cost effective, efficient and courteous solution to all your transportation needs.


  • We realize that times are ever changing and change is an important part of growth. Hence,we continuously look for ways to improve our service, consistently developing new systems and ideas with our team of intelligent and professional individuals.
  • We invest in the latest up to date software in order to make the tracking of the shipments both efficient and swift.

Customer Service

  • At Cargo Solution Express your satisfaction is of utmost importance.We take into consideration that one good or bad customer service experience can change the entire perception a customer holds towards the shipper, hence we instill the customer first culture in our employees to serve you.
  • Your input is highly valuable to us. We listen closely to our customers and always strive for excellence. Your business is appreciated and we look for opportunities to meet and exceed your expectations by providing courteous service.


  • As an asset based carrier we are aware and share a responsibility to ensure the safety of those around us.
  • We require all of our drivers to have a minimum of 2.5 years driving experience and a clear driving record.
  • Our safety department holds weekly meeting in which they train drivers and provide them with safety tips and information to be safe while on the road. We take public safety extremely seriously.
  • We also realize that pollution and air contamination is a concern, therefore over the last couple of years we retired much of our older equipment and replaced them with brand new models which are fully compliant with the California Environmental Protection agency. We are Smart Way certified to minimize our carbon footprint.