Over 17 years in business providing solutions to the Trucking Industry. Cargo Solution Express (CSE) was created in 2001 in the City of Huntington Park, CA., by the three Kang brothers, each brother having unique characteristics. Bobby Kang, the eldest brother is the visionary one, aggressive in nature, fearless, ingenious with ideas to the point of a supernatural apparition.His intuitive, innovative and his insightful vision is the reason for the rapid and successful growth of CSE. Baldev Kang is the one with the most discipline who brings calmness and tranquility in the highly charged trucking environment. Always composed, organized and focused, he is tactical in decision making, logical and analytical in finding solutions. Sammy Kang, the youngest brother is the engine that runs the company and heads the operations department. He is compulsive, relentless, tenacious and has amazing memory in dealing with the intangibles to fulfill the commitment that we make to our customers. Straightforward and pragmatic in nature, Sammy is a workaholic who gets the job done, rain or shine.

Starting as a family business with a few trucks and with a vision without limits, CSE rapidly grew from a small but vibrant company and bought a yard in Fontana, the trucking hub in 2004 within two years. The strategic move to Fontana, about ½ a mile away from the exit on Interstate 10 Freeway was instrumental in giving the company the leverage and room to grow. Full of energy, enthusiasm, and emphasis on quality, customer service & on-time delivery, CSE hired experienced employees with vast knowledge in the transportation industry. The Kang brothers instilled the company culture amongst the employees that ”we will be judged by what we did and not what we said”. Our reliability, rationality, and integrity were the key elements towards our surge and progress. In 2008 we built a Terminal in Cherry Hill, NJ, Columbus, OH in 2010, Atlanta, GA in 2012, Charlotte, NC and Dallas, TX in 2016. From our humbling beginning in 2002, we have a fleet of 750 trucks, 1300 trailers, and 65 million annual miles driven. We are truly grateful and honored to have the most skillful and committed drivers and employees who have taken CSE to where it is today. To our customers, it is a privilege to have the opportunity to do business with you. We appreciate our partnership and look forward to working with you.