Financial Security
  • Cargo Solution Brokerage has a $75,000 surety Bond.
  • On time bi-weekly payments based on the date of shipping.
  • Direct deposit available.
  • Quick Pay programs are available.
  • Net 21 day freight carrier settlements.
  • Documentation and carrier qualification process including credit checks on the customers is done by our office.
Innovation and Technology
  • User friendly brokerage software
  • Our Brokers/Independent Agents can access our computer system with hundreds of freight carriers available on line in your office.
  • Manage the orders from your smartphone.
  • Available load information sent to selected freight carriers.
  • Unlimited load postings
  • Cargo Solution Express Inc. / Cargo Solution Brokerage is an asset based carrier. CS Brokerage Inc., is a licensed transportation broker. Both complement each other for customers wanting to work with asset based companies.
  • Experienced staff in trucking and in brokerage dept as well. Experienced staff in trucking and in the brokerage department as well.
  • 24 hour support system available.
  • Customer coded account protection available.
  • Marketing and corporate sales calls are supported along with various promotional material.